Our Vision

MomentPin™ is committed to expanding the boundaries of social networks through innovation and change, by integrating family values into a social network so as to create safety, security and a real sense of belonging within our digital lives and beyond.

About Us

Our founder duo of Nabeel Sheikh and Salman Abedin created the basic concept of MomentPin before man landed on the Moon…well at least that’s what it feels like to the rest of the team!!!

Whilst the jury is still out on when exactly the idea sprung to mind, it is now certainly coming to fruition.

At the core of the vision was a family friendly app which offers a clean and secure eco-system for its users. Friends and families can store, archive and share memories. Young children are provided a Social Sandpit to learn about the digital interactions with their friends and family in a safe environment monitored by their parents. As this vision became clearer the founders attracted talent and technical expertise from around the World.

The current MomentPin team has members from United Kingdom where the business is currently based as well as USA, Canada, UAE and Pakistan and is growing fast. The team has a mix of expertise with experts not only from the App development World but marketing, finance, strategy professionals and entrepreneurs working on various aspects of the App behind the scenes.

As the team is working towards a successful launch of the beta version of the MomentPin App the vision has expanded to explore new horizons of health, well being, and education to name but a few in the near future.

The idea may not have come before the Apollo mission, but the aims certainly are to take safe, secure online social interactions in a new direction one which is more under the control of the users and where safety and security is built into the DNA of the application, where it is about sharing what is the most meaningful for you to LIVE | SHARE | CELEBRATE

The MomentPin Team

Nabeel Shaikh

CEO & Co-Founder
Nabeel is a seasoned, experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of developing, managing, and exiting from IT start ups.

Salman Abedin

Product Innovation Officer & Co-Founder
Salman is an entrepreneur, mentor with experience in research, product design and innovation strategy.
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