Coronavirus & Its impact on education

Extended Learning Platform

Momentpin is dedicated to supporting educational institutions worldwide in ensuring that they are able to operate even if they have to close the physical classrooms. 

Please contact us on to understand how the momentpin platform can keep your classrooms running remotely all within a safe environment.

Momentpin - Case Studies

Extended Learning Platform

Read about our case studies here
Where we successfully created, delivered and provided safe interaction for our users in a friendly environment.

Case study 1 – Primary School

Case study 2 – Adult Education

Live Streaming

"Take Education further"

Momentpin allows classes or one to one sessions to be broadcasted live to users within a private moment. 
This enhances real-time student engagement. With live streaming through Momentpin being completely ad free, your session will be uninterrupted, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the content.

Create Engagement Polls

“Encourage success”

Teachers and tutors can set up survey polls to collect the students’ opinion on an issue or topics of discussion to enhance the class learning experience.
The analytics captured during these polls would help guide and shape future classes.
The teacher/ tutor can also use polls as a form of online assessment to regularly monitor their students’ learning progress and class performance in order to plan lessons accordingly. In-lesson polls and feedback on the posed questions would significantly help increase the students’ engagement in class. 

Peer Learning

“Take learning to another level”

Through using the Momentpin platform, the students as well as the teachers can exchange notes and messages (text, audio, video) with other peer group members on a specific topic, class or lecture (a moment) of which they are part of, in order to enhance the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.
The increased interaction provides an opportunity for the users to raise questions on a topic and hence create the learning moments to further improve communications among the students and teachers to better understand a topic or subject. This will also facilitate and encourage peer coaching and knowledge sharing among the users.

Monitoring content

“Have complete control”

The Momentpin platform enables the Moment Owner (teacher or tutor) to monitor all communications within the group.


“See the whole picture”

Through Momentpin’s analytics tool, the Owner (teacher or approved user) of the moment has the ability to view user behaviours, attendance, scores by location and many more valuable statistics.
This tool can assist in driving retention, engagement and conversation. With the ability to compile data from surveys that are collected, the Owner also has the chance to make more informed decisions moving forward.

Clean Learning Space

“Have peace of mind”

Momentpin enables users the ability to approve content from specific or all users before it is shared. This ensures only relevant material is posted creating clean and safer learning environments.

Content Protection

“Safeguarding Intellectual Property”

Course content provided on the Momentpin platform to students can be posted in a manner that would protect the IP from being copied easily. This is done without compromising the student experience.